Student Grievance Redressal Cell

1. Prof. A.K. Nag DSW, PPU, Patna Convenor
2. Dr. Rimjhim Sheel CCDC, PPU, Patna Member
3. Prof. Viveka Nand Singh Prof. In-Charge B.D. College, Patna Member
4. Prof. Dinesh Kumar Dept. of Psychology, COCAS, Patna Member
5. Prof. Ira Yadav Dept. Pol. Science, J.D. Women's College, Patna Member
6. Mr. Aakash

A.N. College, Patna

Student Representive



  1. The students of University Department of Patliputra University can apply for their grievance in brief through email ( The details of the grievance with documental proof against any office/official/staff of the University against whom the grievance or complaint is being lodged must be submitted in hard copy in the office of DSW, PPU.
  2. UG/PG students studying in various colleges of Patliputra University will register their grievance in “Student Grievance Redressal Cell (SGRC)” of their respective colleges.
  3. In case the college refuses to consider his/her complaint or the student is not satisfied with the decisions of the SGRC of his/her college, then only he/she will file a complaint with the University’s SGRC after 15 days of filing the grievance in their respective colleges.
  4. The procedure of filling of complaint in the University’s SGRC is mentioned in step-1 of this notice.